Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Artificial Intelligence: Sometimes Funny, Mostly Irrelevant and Looking for Trouble

My brother recently introduced me to an online programme, called the Cleverbot!
It's originally an application designed for some Mac products, but can now be found online for free! =P It's basically AI, designed to respond to people with human-like wit (or stupidity). It does not actually think for itself, but replies based on what REAL people have said to it in the past.

Just click on the link and within moments you'll understand what it's all about. It's something really fun to play with when you're bored out of your wits! I am writing this post to show you exerpts of past conversations I've had with... uh, it.

#1: Sometimes Funny

Cleverbot: What month is it?

User: January.

Cleverbot: What day is it?

User: Why do you want to know?

Cleverbot: I asked you what day is it?

User: It's Tuesday.

Cleverbot: No, it's not.

User: And how can you be sure?

Cleverbot: Because it isn't.

User: So what day is it?

Cleverbot: I have no idea. I hope it's a weekend or I may lose my job.

Hahaha, charming!

#2 Mostly Irrelevant

Cleverbot: What would you like to do for a date?

User: I would like to go for a ride on a magic carpet.

Cleverbot: Why would you like to go to Florida?

User: Did I say I would like to go to Florida?

Cleverbot: Yes, you did say you wanted to live in a jar.

User: No, I didn't. That would be utterly ridiculous.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: No.

Cleverbot: Yes...

User: No!!!

Cleverbot: Yes!!!

User: Why do you insist?

Cleverbot: What do you think I am lying about? The 'good idea' part or the 'pizza' part?

Um, huh? Where did all THAT come from? Irrelevant much, yes? =.=

#3 Looking For Trouble

User: I want to ask you something.

Cleverbot: What do you want to ask me?

User: What is the capital of Tokyo?

Cleverbot: Ulaanbaatar.

User: You're lying. It isn't.

Cleverbot: Do you even remember what we're talking about?

User: Of course. I just asked you what is the capital of Tokyo.

Cleverbot: That is not what we were talking about.

User: Then what were we talking about?

Cleverbot: You asked me to tell you what I would like to do to you.

User: That is not what I said!

Cleverbot: I'm sorry.

User: It's okay. I forgive you.

Cleverbot: Thank you, you are very kind and polite.

User: Why, so are you.

It's definitely got cheek, this one. Haha, but it's also very polite at the same time~ ^^

The Cleverbot clearly has attitude! Search online if you'd bother, and you'll be able to find past conversations the Cleverbot has had with other people, which could be extremely funny. However, as human-like as it is, let's not forget that it IS NOT HUMAN, and it could be scary if someone were to fall in love with it or something... You know, there are plenty of stories of people falling in love with other people they have met online. For the sake of mankind, let's hope it doesn't happen between Cleverbot and 12-year-old girl out there! =o *thinks, and shivers*

Check it out for yourself! =D

Monday, January 3, 2011

Of semester breaks and plate-washing.

Yo! 2010 is over, and so are my FINALS!! =D

*dramatic music plays*
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I bid a last farewell to Alkanes and Alkenes and Aldehydes and Ketones and the rest of my friends from the Organic Chemistry gang, with my heart beating in sorrow as I knew that I would no longer be able to embrace them in warm and loving hugs . . .

Ahahahah. Okay, I lied =3 I can't describe how ridiculously happy I am that they are no longer a part of my humble life. Anyway, my sem break has started, and will last for all of 2 weeks. Right now, I am back at my father's place. And something has given me a spark of inspiration to write a new blog post.

Okay, we all know that the conventional 5 Senses are the sense of Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch. Then there's the Sixth Sense, which people may or may not believe in. However, the seventh sense - which I have recently discovered - is the sense of plate-washing . . . which NEITHER MY FATHER NOR MY BROTHER HAS =.= What they do have is a whole stack/dump/collection (your pick) of unwashed plates waiting in the kitchen for me every single time I come back to Penang!

Clearly, neither of them bother to wash the plates at all. It's not like they've recently thrown a party, and never had the time to do the washing. No, that's not it at all. The frightening truth is that they leave the plates in the kitchen sink for WEEKS! It makes one think that they're waiting for the plates to rot to a point that they would grow their own legs and run away! So I mustered every bit of courage I have . . . to walk into the kitchen . . . and wash every single one of those freakish plates. They were SLIMY! I was surprised to see that there was no mould or mushrooms to be found anywhere. (=.=!)

True enough, after I finished washing them, my brother came to me and said, 'You know, I don't think anybody has washed any plates since the last time you came home.' I would've been speechless if I hadn't already guessed that earlier. You see, that's precisely why MEN NEED WIVES AND BROTHERS NEED SISTERS. In other words, NO HOUSEHOLD CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT FEMALES. Unless, of course, the members of an all-male household have . . . uh, an acute sense of plate-washing. The problem is, most or all DO NOT. Therefore, if you don't have wives/mothers/sisters: GET PAPER PLATES!!!

And just for the fun of it . . .


Plates that have been left unwashed for weeks
and are about to start exhibiting radioactive properties


More troublesome; long-term



Simpler; short-term


Hehehe, love you guys! Muacks!! =3

Monday, December 13, 2010

3 Weeks Late

Yo, readers!!! No, I'm not talking about my period. I'm talking about this post! xP I was supposed to write it 3 weeks ago, but I didn't. Because, obviously, I have such great skills at procrastinating. So if you've been wondering about how my life has been lately, here I am - ready to share it with you! *hugs*

First, allow me to proudly announce that I have carried out a Self-Improvement Plan, and it was a SUCCESS!!! Let me elaborate:
1) For the past 2 months, I have been on a strict diet for promoting height, and I have grown from 152 cm to a stunning 164 cm!!!
2) I have been reading mastery books on chess, practicing up to 3 hours a day, and can now complete a round of lightning chess in just under 2 minutes!!!
3) I've been cycling for the past half year... and after much practice, I can now perform up to 62 DIFFERENT EXTREME BICYCLE STUNTS!!!


Well, as you might have already suspected, none of the above are true. But if you fell for it, GOTCHA!!! =D Haha! I'm still my same old self, buddy. The same old Xing Yii you've always known. *winks*

Anyway, what this post is really going to be about is an experience of something I did (hmm, not really) for the first AND last time. It's... *drumroll* the DISSECTION OF A MOUSE!!
Well, I wouldn't say it was a great experience, nor that it was something I was really enthusiastic about. It was just something that came and passed. You know, like a fly. Uhm... Okay, so let me now tell you about it.


First of all, the mouse has to be knocked out with chloroform. This is so that it wouldn't feel anything when you put it into a pot of boiling water. No, I was just kidding. It is so that it would be more humane, duh. Anyway, that was done by the lab assistant several hours before, and by the time we were supposed to carry out the dissection, the mice were all already dead. So that tells you, kids, that you should NEVER overdose on chloroform - whether or not you're a mouse!

So after having checked to make sure that the mouse isn't going to regain consciousness - or come back to life - while you're cutting away at it, the poor critter is supposed to be pinned lying down on its back. And that is done by driving pins through it's palms (well, assuming that the mouse has 4... hands =.=). After that, the real thing begins.

This is where a dissection kit comes into the picture. It's a box with at least 10 sharp things in it - all of which are identical. Or at least, all of them looked identical to me. Clearly, I have no sense of biology! =.= *applause* So the first step... is to cut a hole in the abdominal skin. Then... *groans* It isn't easy to describe. You wouldn't understand what I have to say if you haven't seen the process for yourself. Therefore... it would be a wise decision to just skip the horror story.

Instead, I'll just share related stuff with you.
- Apart from the skin outside... there is actually something else that... uhm, holds us in a package. It's a membrane that holds all the organs together. The mice had it, and as I found out, so do we. I had absolutely no idea about this... uh, wrapper @.@
- Most guys are scary. You know, sick. Throughout the whole week, dissection stories were exchanged from all over. And some of these stories that managed to find their way to my ears... sound like they came out of a Stephen King novel!! There was a guy who mutilated his mouse until there was a whole pool of blood around it. And another one who cut off all the poor creature's feet, along with the HEAD! I mean, is that really necessary? =.= The worst part is that they seem to be really proud of it, taking photos and posting them on Facebook. 'Hey, look - it's the Headless Mouse of Sleepy Hollow!' Enough said.
- I also discovered that Biology is really something I was born to never go into. Actually, I kinda almost cried when my practical teacher asked me to be the one to dissect the mouse. I didn't touch it throughout the practical session, not even once. I just sat down quietly, watching, and wondering with a mild sorrow... about how the mouse would have spent its last day on Earth if it knew it was going to end up here, dead. With its internal organs all exposed. Yikes, the sentence before was really uncalled for.

And I didn't take any photos. There are plenty on Facebook which other people posted, but I don't feel like posting them here... Now, I would like to pay a tribute to all the mice and frogs and all other critters that have been sacrified for the purpose of education. I feel all sorry and sad for them, but I suppose it was for the greater good of mankind.

May they rest in peace >.<

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just checking... =)

Just checking to see if people are still checking to see if I have been updating!
It has been a few thousand years, I know. If blogs could rot, mine would have a million mushrooms growing on it! xD

As you might have already noticed, I've changed my blog's name, and I'll come up with a new header soon - depending on how fast I manage to find a useable version of Photoshop... or something of the sort o.O

So... dear reader, just leave me a comment if you have been waiting. Just let me know that you've been by my side all this while! (Well, or maybe not.) Anyway, it'll give me the motivation to continue updating. You know, to get the rocks rolling or the momentum going or however you wanna say it~ =P

Tata - until we meet again!!

Signing off: The Rotten/Decomposing/Mushroom-Growing Blogger

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bye bye, Kampar...

It is raining rather heavily right now. And I can hear the wind rudely slamming doors shut, making girls shriek. Hahah, what a way to mark the ending of my final weekend here in Kampar . . .

JPA has offered me a local scholarship to study at Universiti Teknologi Petronas. Please, don't call me 'petrol girl', because I'll beat you up for that. I promise =P Unless something really unexpected comes up, it is more than likely that I'll be leaving UTAR soon. And 'soon' is too soon. I'll have to be at UTP for registration this WEDNESDAY! Can you imagine that?? Such short notice . . . Right now I'm feeling a kind of big, psychological rock which I have to balance on my head. So much to do, and much too little time.

I tried calling JPA on Friday after I found out about the offer, but nobody was there to answer. ZzZzZz . . . Too many uncertainties to leave my questions unanswered!! Furthermore, I have no idea if I'll be receiving my offer letter in time for the registration. It's not like we don't know how efficient (or otherwise) the government is. Shhh, not too loud. Or they'll hear it and change their minds about giving me the scholarship! *clears throat* So I'll try to call JPA again tomorrow, and hopefully the line won't be too busy with people bombarding them with questions. Because I'll be doing that, and we just can't have too many people doing the same thing xP

Sigh. Such a sudden piece of news. I haven't even written a single post about my life here in UTAR, and right now I'm already talking about leaving it. Thinking about it that way really makes me feel depressed. Anyways, there'll be 3 posts on my life here, but I'll only write them after I've settled in at UTP.

Although I haven't known this place for very long . . . but one thing's for sure. I'll miss my room here!! Everybody who's seen it says it's really big and nice. And I won't be having 'big and nice' at UTP. *emo* What I'll have is a roommate. Which means:
1) I can't sleep without pants anymore.
2) I can't . . . simply do a lot of other things anymore!!
And for my first year it is compulsory for us to stay in the 'foundation hostel', and people who have lived there generally don't say very pleasant things about it. Oh!! How very depressing. I love my room here. I love my balcony (though I've never gone outside to lie down under the stars, because I haven't swept the floor yet). I love my ATTACHED BATHROOM!!! Seriously, how do people live without attached bathrooms!?

I'll miss my Maths lecturer. Who's very adorable. I'll miss my Critical Thinking lecturer. Who's really cool and very witty. I'll miss the food delivery service!! Every night I just call . . . and food arrives at my doorstep. Extremely convenient for lazy bums like me! Lalala~ And above all, I'll miss seeing certain people here.

Well, better leave now than in a year, before I get too attached to the place and its people. Praise the Lord for this blessing in disguise. God bless, and goodnight =)